Construction of the first stage of PLAZARIUM laboratory and testing facilities as well as new production was completed in late June 2013 on the territory of Technopolis Moscow. The new testing facilities has a large power reserve (up to 1 MW) for testing new products (industrial plasma systems and plasma torches, waste plasma gasification plants, heavy oil plasma cracking plants (fuel oil and tar), and plasma pyrolysis) and large area for accommodation of process equipment required for the production and analysis of plasma jet parameters in plasma torches of various power up to 350 kW.
New equipment models by PLAZARIUM will now be tested and researched on the most modern platform with large energy capacities. The most modern plasma processing systems PLAZARIUM TPS equipped with steam plasma torches for gasification of waste and PLAZARIUM MCS units for disposal of hazardous waste, medical waste, chemical waste, production waste and breeding complex waste will be carried out on the territory of the new production.

PLAZARIUM MGS plasma gasification units are designed according to the company’s most recent developments. Full destruction and production of ecologically pure synthesis gas (СО + Н2) occurs in the gasification units’ plasma reactors. The most modern PLAZARIUM MPS plasma pyrolysis plants designed for the production of gasoline and diesel and complete processing of heavy oil residues (fuel oil and tar) will be tested on the new production’s territory.