Industrial Plasma Torches and
equipment for their operation


Industrial steam plasma torches as part of the PLAZARIUM TPS industrial plasma system are designed to create a high-temperature plasma jet of large volume and thermal power. They can be used for any plasma gasification and hazardous waste elimination reactors with total-degree destruction producing pollution-free syngas (СО + H2), as well as for afterburners to clean the gas from impurities and other applications.
The industrial plasma torches are made with a capacity of 30 to 350kW and more. The bulk temperature of the heated steam (flare zone) is more than 5,000°C.
Composition of steam water plasma: steam water plasma consists of hydrogen and oxygen, and both components are active reagents in oxidation-reduction reactions.

Gasification in a steam environment allows the complete reforming of carbon and hydrogen of the gasifiable substance into the syngas. The presence of excess steam hydrogen allows adjusting the ratio of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the syngas.

In terms of quality, the syngas produced by plasma gasification is as good as the syngas produced by steam reforming of natural gas.

For more information about all benefits of the steam water plasma and industrial steam plasma torches see the relevant article on our website.
The TPS plasma system can be manufactured not only with industrial steam plasma torches, but also with air plasma torches and plasma torches on different gas mixtures depending on the needs and tasks of the customer.

When producing the industrial plasma system, we consider all future operating parameters of a plasma torch: environmental conditions for the plasma torch operation, application type at the customer’s plant (gasification, waste disposal, robotic systems, etc.).
The plasma torch steam supply systems as part of the PLAZARIUM TPS industrial plasma systems have the following advantages:
  1. Designed for steam and air plasma torches (plasmatrons) and can be customized for any different plasmatrons and plasma-forming media;

  2. The power systems are made according to the inverter technology and have minimum weight;

  3. Compact size (sizes of the power supplies and plasma system layout can vary depending on the customer’s needs);

  4. Mobility (can be mounted on the vehicles, containers and mobile units of plasma gasification systems);

  5. Centralized all-digital control of all devices and processes of the PLAZARIUM TPS plasma system;

  6. The plasma system can be partially or fully controlled by a higher-level control system.