All stages of research, development and production are concentrated in RUSSIA and one part in EU.

Manufacturing process includes:
  1. Input control of raw materials, supplies and components used to manufacture a product.
  2. Mechanical, assembly and installation works on assembling and installing burners and power supplies.
  3. Acceptance tests of finished products.
  4. Packaging of finished products, during which the products that passed the acceptance tests are being completed with spare parts and accessories necessary for their normal operation.
  5. Warehouse storage of finished products.
  6. Manufacturing process management allows expanding the range and volume of products.

The product quality is guaranteed by the regulations of the quality management system.

The success of the enterprise and management solutions is based on using the external sources of the high-tech production and other highly professional services, in-house manufacture, product testing, pre-sales training, product servicing and technical support of consumers at our own trade and maintenance center.

As a result of the elaborate manufacturing process management, the PLAZARIUM® brand products compete with and leave behind the products from the best global manufacturers.