Dear clients and partners!
Dear colleagues and friends!

Welcome to the official website of the International Research and Production Innovation company PLAZARIUM that develops, produces and sells new highly technical products. We hope you will find it informative and easy to navigate. This website is an important element of our strategy to provide you with consistent and straightforward information about the PLAZARIUM Company, its activities, values, working principles, and future plans.

I hope that the information we offer, as well as possible cooperation with us will be useful and effective to you. I hope that you will often visit this website and become a witness to the dynamic development of our company.

Director of PLAZARIUM, LLC
V. Tverskoy
We develop arc jet generators of low-temperature plasma (plasmatrons) that use water steam as a component of the plasma-forming medium, and their technological application for plasma gasification. We develop mobile plasma gasification plants and hazardous waste disposal plants.

We manufacture and sell equipment for plasma processing of materials (plasma cutting, soldering, welding, and related processes), provide service support and upgrading of serial products, perform contract works, and provide prompt delivery of spare parts and consumables. When buying the PLAZARIUM products, you get much more than just equipment or tools. You gain some of the company’s experience and traditions.

Our clients are enterprises engaged in repair-and-renewal operations (car service, refrigerating appliances, air conditioners, air ducts, etc.), DIYers (house, weekend cottage, garage, etc.), research institutes (handling of applied problems), and companies working in the field of waste disposal and recycling. PLAZARIUM focuses on the consumers and is always ready for a meaningful dialogue to agree mutually acceptable terms of delivery, equipment service and reciprocal payments.